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Navnit Blisters
"Where Innovation Meets Technology"

Clamshell Blister

This is an transparent thermoformed blister where the product is visible from all sides. It has two hinged compartments with…

Card Sealed Blisters

The product is kept in the thermoformed transparent blister which is to be kept in the blister sealing tool cavity and the blisters ..

Card Sliding Blisters

This type of blister has three side folding to insert the printed card after keeping the product in the thermoformed blister cavity manually and it does not require any kind of blister ..

Insert Trays

These insert trays are used individually or can be used by keeping them in the bottom compartment cardboard boxes or can also be ..

Design & Development

We will evaluate your product and advise the best suitable Blister Pack from the categories CARD SEAL BLISTER / SLIDING BLISTER / CLAMSHELL BLISTER..

Material Handling Trays

Material Handling Trays TRAYS are perfect for small consumer
products that require a high level of security and product visibility.

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